A mighty neck.

Here’s the latest new thing: Theo is trying to sit up on his own.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been impressed by T’s ability to sit upright on my thigh when lightly supported by my hands on his back and tummy. About a week ago, I noticed that when he is leaning back—in his swing, car seat, or against my belly—he lifts his head, pulling it into a more upright position as if he is trying to sit up straight. He does like little baby crunches. He then relaxes when positioned completely upright. This is one baby who doesn’t like to be held baby-style any more.

I tried something new yesterday. I grasped Theo’s wrists while he was lying down and pulled him into a sitting position. Not only did he enjoy suddenly being upright, he kept his neck perfectly straight the whole time (and then again when being laid back down.) I think solid neck control comes at about four months, so T’s a little ahead of schedule on this one. I’m not rushing him, mind you. I just think it’s kind of cool.

UPDATE: The baby sit-ups are great for neck access when changing the bib we keep on him to catch spit-ups.

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