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A letter to my former design clients

I hope your business is still thriving in these shaky economic times.

You were a treasured client of mine before I went into teaching full time. The school I have dedicated nearly every waking hour to for the past year and a half is laying me off. I am therefore considering returning to working for myself. If so, I would be available for design work part time until June, and then full time after that. I have kept up all of my Web and design skills; in fact, I am teaching those subjects at the high school. You can see my graphic design students’ work here.

I am considering rebranding myself as Blue Lobster Art & Design. I would offer portraits and other art products in addition to Web & graphic design.

You can help me decide whether this is a smart move (leaving teaching for a return to self-employment). Do you foresee any design projects you might steer my way if I became available again? Do you know anyone else who might be interested in an honest, dedicated, and effective designer?

Thank you very much for any feedback you can give.


Dawn Pedersen
Blue Lobster Art & Design (maybe)

By Dawn Pedersen

Science advocate, web designer, educator, artist, and mommy.

9 replies on “A letter to my former design clients”

Are you seriously being layed off? In Florida, where I teach, they are getting rid of 140 positions. What about your street art class?

That so sucks! Can you work at another school? We have 4 major high schools in our district. I can’t teach elementary. Their cute but not challenging. I freelanced illustration for 18 years then went into teaching 4 years ago. I miss the freedome and the money. But it was not dependable. But maybe this is a good thing for you to get back into the ‘biz’….

I can not believe they are laying off such an amazing teacher. I will miss all your school stuff, it has been greatly cherished by a jaded UK teacher and I can not get over how they could lay someone like you off. Best of luck in finding a new job

I have just discovered your wonderful website and now I read that you will be laid off. It has been so generous of you to share with us. Your site has been very helpful. Your students are very lucky to have had you. Teachers can have a profound affect on someone’s life. Don’t give up on yet. Can’t you look for another art teaching position?

Dawn, you have built an impressive website and i wish you the best in whatever the future holds. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave this site up even if you don’t add more lessons. You have amazing talent!

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the kind words. I will keep up for quite a while longer, maybe even years. However, I may be making very few updates to it.

I was a first year teacher last year and I just want you to know that your website has helped me so much! I am the only art teacher in the school and have always looked to your website for ideas and inspiration. You are very insightful and I don’t know how you find the time to keep such a detailed blog. I hope you keep teaching, because I think the world could use more teachers like you! Your school doesn’t know what they are giving up!

Dawn, I am saddened to hear this! I love this website and got many a great ideas from it (the perspective sheets alone are awesome!). Good luck in your future endeavors!
-From another former graphic designer turned art teacher who might be laid off as well

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